XLCS Partners, Inc., a leading middle market investment bank, is pleased to announce it served as exclusive advisor to American Heating Company, Inc. (AHC) in its sale to Enerquip, LLC.

Founded in 1986, AHC is a leading designer and manufacturer of branded high-efficiency industrial heating systems and related products used in asphalt storage, heavy oil storage, roofing plants, chemical plants, and other similar applications. Well-known in the biodiesel, chemical, asphalt, and roofing industries, AHC’s heaters and heating products are built according to strict performance and efficiency standards, including ASME certifications. The company’s corporate offices are located in Clifton, New Jersey, with manufacturing facilities in Beggs, Oklahoma.

Enerquip is a Medford, Wisconsin, based world-class designer and fabricator of stainless-steel heat exchangers and sanitary vessels. The company’s reputation for high quality and aggressive lead times have earned it a preferred supplier status with leading companies in the pharmaceutical, sanitary, food and beverage, chemical, brewing and beverage, refining, and industrial markets. Enerquip’s acquisition of AHC offers synergies and efficiencies otherwise unseen, including the entrance of Enerquip into the industrial carbon steel market.

“AHC’s proprietary product portfolio is an excellent complement to Enerquip’s best-in-class heat transfer solutions, and it was clear from the beginning that this was a unique strategic and cultural match,” said Anthony Contaldo, Partner of XLCS Partners. “We look forward to tracking the company’s success.”

XLCS acted as the exclusive M&A advisor to AHC and the transaction was led by Anthony Contaldo and Jay Cremer, Vice President. The transaction was completed May 27, 2021.

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