XLCS Partners, Inc., a leading middle market investment bank, is pleased to announce it served as exclusive advisor to Chamber Media in its recapitalization by  Kirtland Capital Partners.

Chamber Media is a Utah-based full service creative agency focused on developing compelling video ads for social media platforms. The company has a proven track record of helping emerging e-commerce customers scale through effective video campaigns that drive sales. Chamber’s model is differentiated by its in-house video production capabilities and proprietary database that contains information on successful video advertising campaigns, which together drive efficient ad creation and outsized Return on Ad Spend. The company serves a diverse customer base of well-known brands, including Potbelly, Skytech Gaming, Tuft & Needle, Slingshot, and Big Blanket Co.

Kirtland Capital Partners is a Cleveland, Ohio-based private equity fund that has been investing in lower middle market companies for over 40 years. Kirtland invests in founder and family-owned companies with revenue between $10 – $50 million that are looking for outside resources to help achieve growth. Kirtland partnered with the company’s founders, Travis Chambers and Stefan van de Graaff, in the recapitalization of Chamber Media.

“Going through the process of selling a business for the first time can be daunting and overwhelming,” explained Stefan van de Graaff, Chamber Media Partner. “Anthony and Jay had the most professional, buttoned-up and battle-tested process that we’d ever heard, which truly sets them apart. We were consistently blown away by the leadership, consulting, expertise, and loyalty we got from XLCS. On top of all of this, they worked tirelessly, responded to our calls when we got nervous, gave us the good news and the bad news in full candor, worked with us to determine the best courses of action, and then executed flawlessly. There was never any doubt that they were representing us and our best interests.”

XLCS acted as the exclusive M&A advisor to Chamber Media and the transaction was led by Jay Cremer, Vice President, and Anthony Contaldo, Partner. The transaction was completed September 9, 2021.

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