XLCS Partners, Inc., a leading middle market investment bank, is pleased to announce that it served as exclusive advisor to MAAS Aviation Group in its sale to Egeria. The Company’s executive management team has retained a minority interest in the Company.

Founded in 1983, MAAS is a leading specialist aircraft painting company with operations in the Netherlands, Germany and the USA. Having originally operated in Ireland at both Shannon and Dublin airports, the Company relocated to a new continental Europe base at Maastricht Airport in the Netherlands in 1988. The Company forged a very successful partnership with Airbus Group and currently operates four dedicated OEM paint shops at Airbus manufacturing facilities in Hamburg, Germany and in Mobile, Alabama. The Company also operates five additional MRO aircraft paint shops in the Netherlands and Alabama resulting in its position as a global player in the aircraft painting industry. MAAS employs 300 employees and is currently painting approximately 400 aircraft a year with plans to grow both employment and capacity over the next five years.

As well as painting commercial aircraft, MAAS has also developed expertise in the design and procurement of state-of-the-art paint shops. This capability, combined with its aircraft painting expertise, has contributed to the Company’s growth in recent years. MAAS’ paint shop infrastructure ranks amongst the best in the world.

The investment by Egeria provides MAAS with the financial backing and support to enable management to deliver further planned growth and to meet known opportunities driven by the increase in demand for aircraft painting as a result of the macro growth drivers in the global aviation sector.

“The investment by Egeria is a very positive step for the Company and provides the backing to invest in the personnel and infrastructure to support its existing operations and more importantly to deliver the Company’s future growth plans,” stated Tim Macdougald, CEO of MAAS.

Amsterdam based Egeria is an independent Dutch investment company founded in 1997, which invests in healthy companies with an enterprise value between EUR 50 million and EUR 350 million. Egeria’s portfolio companies have a combined turnover of over EUR 2.3 billion and employ close to 10,000 people.

“Egeria’s excitement for growth and professionalism made them the right partner for our client,” stated Joe Contaldo, Partner and Co-Founder of XLCS. “With operations spread across four countries, this transaction further illustrates just how global the aviation sector is and how multi-national companies benefit from seeking out XLCS Partners’ international aviation and aerospace M&A expertise.”

XLCS acted as the exclusive M&A advisor to MAAS, and the transaction was led by Joe Contaldo, Partner. The transaction was announced on May 23, 2019.

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