The Year: 2021


The world is designed for change.
Our businesses change.
Our personal life changes.
Our priorities change.

The world is designed for change.
The economy changes.
Our health changes.
Our mindset changes.

The world is designed for change, and so we change, like it or not.

We face it and we ultimately must accept it.

2021’s world was no different really, just another iteration of change. Tougher than some years, easier than others. It’s entirely personal. So, we press on expecting good things in the midst of it all. We have embraced it and have been blessed.

At XLCS we continue to grow and thrive. In 2021, we have added four professionals; opened our downtown Nashville office; and bolstered our staff in our suburban Chicago office.

We had a big year in every way and hope you did as well.

2022…bring it on.

All the best.

Bob Contaldo
Chairman & Managing Partner
XLCS Partners, Inc.