The Year: 2018

2018 brought big changes, lots of excitement, and a company record of 17 completed transactions across 11 industries from aerospace and fasteners to education and equipment manufacturing.

It has also brought the biggest change to our company in over 20 years. A new brand with new enthusiasm. We have taken what was good and made it better. We took every part of our business and asked the question that frames our professional existence, and that is: “What must we do to each component of our business to ensure the highest degree of success for our client?”

Process, presentation, market analysis, personal and team dedication – all filtered through what our name embodies: Investment Banking to the Highest Degree™. We strive to continually refine everything, both professionally and personally, and pray we have done so again in 2018. 

To that end, we have refined our brand to better depict who we are and what we strive for. XLS has become XLCS, the latter saying precisely the name on which we base our promise… “Excelsius”… which means “To the Highest Degree”. The same ownership and the same passion.  

2019 is here bringing change, be it known or unknown. If we can help, we bring with us the promise of XLCS.

Bob Contaldo
Chairman & Managing Partner
XLCS Partners, Inc.