The Year: 2019

Most measure success in business by revenue and profits. This, of course is proper. And thankfully, XLCS° had another successful year. A record year…very big.

But beyond that, and because of that, we can look at another measurement…improving life for those whom we serve, and for those who serve with us.

We helped some clients transition to another chapter in their lives – moving into an easier lifestyle with shorelines instead of deadlines; grandbabies instead of customers; picnics instead of business lunches; vacations instead of business trips; and “Saturdays” instead of “Mondays”.

We helped many monetize generations of personal and financial investment with a long awaited and well-earned reward. In one case, we placed a sixth generation company into hands that will respect and perpetuate the family name.

We helped other clients partner with some really smart people who brought the financial means to grow in ways that previous generations could never imagine.

We hired and/or promoted five bright young business people who have exciting futures in an exciting industry. They

are the future of XLCS° and share our commitment to the name which literally means “Investment Banking to the Highest Degree.”

We wish you well in 2020.

Bob Contaldo
Chairman & Managing Partner
XLCS Partners, Inc.