The Year: 2020

At XLCS ­we responded as many do when faced with economic uncertainty. Questions…possible solutions…beating down fear…banding together…and above all, prayer.


We made a commitment to see this through together; to do the next right thing; to be professionally and personally accountable; to demonstrate grace.

We adopted a positive mindset that would not accept the panicked notion that the year was lost.

We adapted to a new world of doing business that in many ways brought about better and lasting improvements.

The results were astounding.

XLCS had a record year that almost doubled our best year in our 38 year history.

Investment Bankers are an optimistic lot by nature, but double? While quarantined? While ideas were on lock-down and social/political events boiling over. Remarkable.

Our business has strong tailwinds going into 2021 and our opportunities to serve abound, for which we thank God.

Thank you to all who have allowed us to serve you and play a part in the history of fine companies built by generations of fine people.

We wish you well in 2021.

Bob Contaldo
Chairman & Managing Partner
XLCS Partners, Inc.